Shahzeb Maik SCF

About Me

I'm a person not afraid of any kind of challenge. Someone who can implement design through various programming languages and CMS. All these descriptions can go for a good front-end developer. But who is this software professional whose work we can see everywhere on the Internet and without whom we wouldn't be able to enjoy our favorite websites the way we do? It's someone with extensive knowledge of technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Someone who gives you (a user) the opportunity to interact with the website and website applications directly. And finally, someone that makes sure you can open up and browse the site on any device or in any browser and the information will still be relevant and easy to read. For me, communication plays an instrumental role in the development process and I strive to keep my clients involved every stage. My penchant for detail allows me to balance form and function every step of the way.




Work Experience


My Service

Front-end Development

A strong penchant for detail and an eye for design allow me to code pixel-perfect webpages that are easy on the eyes and responsive across all major platforms.

WordPress Development

With over 30 different projects under my belt I know just how to build you the perfect website on the most popular Content Management System in the world.

React Js and PHP

Getting started with react combining the js and front-end exprience